Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cloud nine

Paul was tired from his long day at work. All he could think about on his drive home was a quick meal a beer or two and a nice hot shower. Once in his door he felt like the beer sounded better than the food and loved the thought of feeling high and on cloud nine after a few beers and no food in him to help keep the buzz away.

He took two beers from the fridge and turned his favorite music on, then began to drink his beer. He guzzled the first one down quickly and the second one was almost finished when he heard someone at his door. He cursed under his breath as he was starting to feel the alcohol and only wanted his shower and then bed. He opened his door and wanted to yell at the person; yet there standing before him was a woman who needed help.

She explained that she had moved into the area a week ago and her keys had been lost to the house! She asked if she could use his phone and stepped into his warm home. He offered her a seat on his couch and got her a beer.  Once she relaxed she said her name is Tabitha and that she did not like being alone at home, Paul did not know how to respond, was she asking to stay the night or were the beers he drank going to his head?

Paul sat and listened as Tabitha started to share her likes and dislikes, he was not sure when the subject changed yet she seemed to be sharing her sexual desires with him! This he noticed made his cock begin to rise and the room was warming up as well. She moved closer to him and looked into his eyes. He could tell she wanted him and he knew by how his body was reacting he too wanted her.

She stood up and took his arms to make him stand as well; she then kissed him placing her tongue into his warm moist mouth. She began to undress him and he too unzipped her pale pink dress that hung loosely over her curving body, as the two kissed passionately they could not stop moving, the passion built so quickly that the two could not stop what was happening within them. Tabitha's dress slid off her to expose her breast and pubic hair, it was like she had this planed and came here with as little as possible to remove from her body.

The two stopped kissing and saw they were in the bath room, Paul look at her with such desire that he turned on the shower and lead her in with him. The water was warm and increased the desire they both felt inside. As their wet mouths kissed and his cock grew harder he found it hard not to take her and devour her whole body that minute! Tabitha took the soap off the shelf and began washing Paul on his chest and stomach then turned him around and lathered his back and buttocks. She began to kiss his back from top to bottom biting him lightly with her teeth. He then turned around and started to wash her beasts and her stomach as well then did the same to her back and buttocks. He could not help himself and sucked her buttocks which tasted sweet in his mouth.  He wanted her now! He turned her again and started to move into her, yet she motioned him to stop. Tabitha asked him to give her five minutes and then meet her in his bedroom.

Paul was reeling with excitement as his heart raced knowing what could be waiting for him in his own room. Five minutes seemed to go so slowly; when the time finally passed he walked slowly to his room so he would not look too wanting.  Once in his room he noticed the lights were dim and Tabitha was lying under the sheets with her resting on three pillows waiting for him to join her. His heart was pounding harder now as he walked to the edge of his bed, lifted the sheets, and slid in beside her, her smile lit up the room and her eyes sparkled in the dimly lit room.  Paul lifted the sheet up and slid his hands down her body, over her firm breasts and down over her tight stomach and down to her pubic hair.  She moaned as he used his flat hand to touch her pussy. He noticed she was dripping this made him want her even more. They kissed deeply then took each others tongues and sucked with amazing passion. Paul lightly touched her clit and flicked it with his finger. With two of his fingers he slid them deep into her pussy. Her moaning increased so he knew she loved what he was doing.

Tabitha touched Paul’s chest and slid her hands down to his pulsating cock, it was warm and hard; his cock was dripping as well. Her hands enclosed his cock as she started to pump him then he too moaned as she touched him in such away. Paul's fingers went faster and deeper into her pussy; he started kissing her again and then worked his way down her body with his lips and tongue. When he reached her clit he could not help notice that it was hard like his own cock and then he suck it deep into his mouth as his fingers went in and out of her pussy and she moaned with pleasure. Tabitha had hard time breathing as her heart raced more and more. She was close to an orgasm and wanted it now. She knew she would take Paul once he finished this excited her even more knowing he would be deep in her mouth or pussy; either was fine as long as she knew he loved it!

Tabitha felt the tingling coming as she screamed with passion the electricity shooting through every part of her body.  Paul could feel her muscles pulsating as she came intensely, he went down to her pussy lips and drank all her lovely juices that seemed to trickle out of her warm pussy. Once Tabitha settles down a bit she went she kissed Paul and then asked him with a soft voice to go deep in her waiting pussy. He could not and would not say no so slid his hard warm cock into her still very wet pussy and began to feel how tight she was around him.

Paul loved how warm Tabitha felt inside, the two moved together as if they were made for each other. The held hands and moaned at the same time. Paul then touching Tabitha and kissing her breasts loved how smooth and sweet she tasted in his mouth. Tabitha teased Paul’s nipples with her fingers and kissed his lips deep into her mouth as the flow of the two as one could be seen by the two of them. They never wanted this night to stop yet they could tell that both of them were feeling warm and excited all over. Tabitha wanted his cum inside her, to feel their juices flowing from her pussy all at once. Paul wanted the same as he could tell how close he was getting and started to thrust hard and firm into her dripping wet pussy.

The closer he got the faster he went and Tabitha could not help but scream with the heat building inside her. As Paul couldn’t hold back any longer he was sure he could not go any deeper into her than he already was, yet he didn’t find it hard to penetrate deeper inside her warm wet inviting pussy. His body began to spasm and he yelled out with the intenseness he felt his orgasm gave him, Tabitha too screamed as her body gave way to yet another orgasm that left beads of sweat rolling down her breasts and onto her flat stomach. She wanted more and so did Paul, within five minutes of such an intense time she could not help but want his warm cock in her mouth!

Tabitha was excited to take Paul’s once again hard cock into her mouth. She wanted to lick him clean and have her own juices in her mouth as well! She had him sit up on the end of the bed and knelt down in front of him. Slowly she took him in her mouth sucking and licking every bit of her own juices as her tongue loved playing with his whole cock the head seemed to jump with joy knowing she was taking such interest in it. She took Paul’s cock as deep as she could with her hands she squeezed his balls and played with his anal hole, even taking her finger in just slightly in and out to add to the intenseness! Paul could only moan as this woman ate him with such care that he felt she may do this all night ( he could only hope) Her lips wrapped around him and took him firmly in and out of her mouth tasting everything he had to offer her in his own dripping love juices.

 He grabbed her and guided her up to his lips and took her tongue, they kissed for ages but Tabitha wanted his cock back were it had been. She led herself back down to him kissing his nipples on the way down and then taking him once again into her moist warm mouth. She wanted Paul to feel amazing again so she pumped him with her hands and sucked him with firmness. Up and down went her mouth on his warm cock she wanted him and wanted him badly. Paul was moaning more now as he felt it all building again inside. He hoped that Tabitha would visit again and again. As he got close he begged her to finish him and helped her suck him faster and faster by taking her head and pushing her up and down she loved his roughness and wanted his precious cum in her mouth. Paul started to jerk again as he came but the tenseness was so great he did not care for he knew this woman was getting a mighty mouthful, he loved it. Tabitha drank his juices that seemed to squirt forever in her mouth. Her body wanted more yet she had no more strength, she would have to see this man again and SOON! The two kissed and touched each other as they together in bed until sleep overwhelmed them. the next morning when Paul awoke he saw she was gone yet she had left a note saying " see you again REAL soon my cloud nine" Paul couldn’t wait till then.
The end

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