Friday, February 7, 2014

Do I Love you?

Do I love you…love you true? 
This I ask because of you
My heart longs to know the truth as I no longer know for sure.
I seek down in the depths of my soul, hoping the answer is there…somewhere.
As I sit and ponder this dilemma, my heart races for not knowing for sure
This hurts me so…
Could it be that I won’t like the answer?
Or could it be that my heart knows the truth and just won’t share?
I feel like weeping and sense a surge rising from within.
I wait as I ache so true, that much I know for sure.
As this feeling draws near I pray it won’t hurt either way.
Tears please drench my pain; maybe then this will be explained…
Here it comes!
Do I love you…. Love you true?
Why yes
 Deeply I do.



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