Friday, February 7, 2014

Deep Inside...

Deep inside me where the words sit; is a waterfall of stories waiting to be told.
Were the birds are singing and the waterfall spray leave rainbows dancing in the sun light.
The tree trunks are a deep brown and the green leaves float like dancers in the blowing breeze.  Flowers are blooming with vivid colors of the rainbow, as a baby deer saunters slowly to the waters edge and begins to drink.

I feel the warmth of the sun surrounding me as I sit and watch the scene that unfolds before my eyes. I sense the stronger radiance that holds its presence, like a mother holds her child; I began to take deep breaths to take in all of this radiance that I could absorb within me.

I took steps toward the deer, I wanted what was within the water, and I needed it to carry on with the desire of my heart.

I watched the waterfall spill more and more words into the pond; I felt a burning desire deep inside me and knew I needed all the words I could drink in.  Kneeling beside the deer I bent over and began to drink all I could.  The water tasted sweet it quenched the thirst that had once kept me dry. I began to see stories dancing with happiness in my head.



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