Saturday, February 15, 2014

 The ‘Q’ Factor 


Chapter 6  

Sandy Gave birth to a healthy baby boy just like she saw in her dream.  She named him Tommy Nicholas Camp.  Sandy stayed where she needed to be; she still didn't believe it to be totally true that Nick was gone; she tried to believe it but every night in her dreams Nick came to her kissing her and holding her as he always did.
The group went to see little Tommy when he was in the hospital waiting to be placed in foster care.   They felt it was a shame he would never know his father but what made it worse was that his mother may never know he was real, alive and needing him .  They took many photos of Tommy so they could always see this boy who looked so much like his father.  They hoped one day Sandy would come home and have her son and see the photos of when he was a baby.
Lidia was feeling excited again knowing the group was meeting that night.  Aggie asked her if she could come an hour before everyone else so they could have that talk she promised a longtime ago.  She wondered what it was all about.  All she wanted to know was why she always called her “sweetie” It was surely not a big deal.
Agnes opened the door for Lidia and had her sit on the couch next to her.  Lidia noticed there were photos spread out on the table before her. She wondered how this could have anything to do with her.  “Lidia, you asked me that night while looking at photos why I called you ‘sweetie’ all the time. I think it’s time I told you the story behind that.”  Lidia looked at Agnes in shock she looked so serious AND she called her by her real name! “I’m listening”
“First let me ask you something; do you remember your childhood?”  “Aggie what does my childhood got to do with this? You’re not making sense”  “just answer the question Lidia, do you remember your childhood?”  Lidia sat for a few moments.  She always expected her past would come back to her one day but at this point she had no idea what had ever happened when she was young.
“I’m sorry Aggie, I don’t remember anything; I’d like to but I have never been able too.  So what does this have to with you Aggie?”
“When you were a baby, I couldn't take care of you.  Your father wouldn't help and you were sick all the time.  So “sweetie I handed you over for adoption so a happy childless couple could take care of you.” While she spoke she bent over to the table and picked up two baby photos.  The baby in one photo had a smile held in time on paper.  “Is this baby me Agnes? Are you saying that you’re my mother?”  Because if you are then why would you send me away?”
“I had no choice sweetie; your father was a lot older than me I was only 16 when I had you. He was always out getting drunk all the time and then I found out he was with other women.  He left for some young bimbo in the end.  I couldn't handle trying to take care of a baby; your my Sweetie, I called you that the whole time I had you in my life.  When I heard you were coming to the group I wasn't sure I could handle having you so close without you knowing who I really was.  Once I met you again I couldn't tell you the truth, I was concerned you would walk away and never come back.  We have lost a lot of people who mean a lot to us so I felt that you deserved to know the truth”. Lidia’s head was spinning why is she was telling me this now? She thought.  “I don’t care how much we’ve been through she yelled at Agnes you shoulder NEVER given me up look how poor little Tommy has no mother or father and he may never know his mother!  Sandy can’t think for herself let alone a child but you! You can and you should have!  I needed you; if I were as sick as you say then I needed my mother to take care of me.  You’re so weak to give up! I can’t believe you gave up.  You don’t give up on your quilts!”  “Sweetie that’s different” “STOP calling me that I HATE it” Lidia had had enough; “I’m leaving I can’t sit here and listen to anymore or act like things are okay because they’re not!”  Lidia slammed the door behind her feeling the tears build up and well out over her face.  All she could think about was the loss she had for her entire life.



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